The Ampelographic Database of Charalambos Kotinis

Dr. F.Lefort, Mr E. Poisse and Prof. K. Roubelakis-Angelakis

The author
The Ampelographic Database is based on the Ampelographic Atlas of Greece, by Dr. C. Kotinis. (1985), which was kindly provided to us for inclusion in the Greek Vitis database as the Ampelographic Database of Charalambos Kotinis. Unpublished data have been added to this material

Charalambos Kotinis holds a B. Sc. in Agricultural Sciences (1953) from the University of Agriculture of Athens. He has served for over 35 years at the Ministry of agriculture as a specialist in viticulture ans is now retired.

Kotini C. 1985.Ελληνικός Αμπελογραφικός Άτλας [Ampelographic Atlas of Greece, in Greek with French summary]. Athens, Greece, 560 p. (run out)