How to use the databases

The six databases are accessible through a search form designed for each database. All fields or combination of fields are searchable. This means that you can even search the database with only one field. Additional informartion is provided on the search page of each database. You may also consult the database curator Dr. Francois Lefort in case of difficulties.

For instance in the Information Database, you might search all the cultivars of a specific collection, or cultivated in a specific area, by searching only the field of interest. Greek name fields are searchable only in Greek while transliterated names fields (cultivar or cultivation area) are only searchable with the transliteration in Latin alphabet.

The SSR profiles databases are searchable for any combination of profiles at any or all loci, as well as by name or region of cultivation.

You also may see all records of any database at once by clicking first on the button clear and then on the button search of the search form. The total content of the databases will be displayed by pages of 20 records for all databases except for the ampelographic database which will be displayed in pages of ten records.