Transliteration scheme ISO 843

The transliteration scheme used in this database is the International standard ISO 843, which establishes a system for the transliteration and transcription of Greek characters into Latin characters.

The mode of transcription used is partial, that is to say that we did not transcript the tonic accents in the Latin form in a wish of simplification.

Reference: International standard ISO 843. Information and documentation - Conversion of Greek characters into Latin characters. ISO 843:1997(E). International Organization for Standardization, CP56, CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland.

"Table 1: Transliteration" and "Table 2: Transcription" taken from ISO 843:1997 have been reproduced with the permission of the International Organization for Standardization, ISO. This standard can be obtained from any member body or directly from the Central Secretariat, ISO, Case postal 56, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland. Copyright remains with ISO.