The Ampelographic Database

It presents pictures of a bunch of grape, young shoots, young leaves and mature leaves for 270 cultivars. These ampelographic data were presented by C. Kotinis in his Greek Ampelographic Atlas (1985), which run out of print a long time ago. The database has 7 fields of which the three first are identical to the other databases.

  1. Name of the cultivar
    The name of the cultivar is given in its transliteration in Latin alphabet if it is a Greek cultivar and in its normal Latin alphabet spelling if it is another cultivar.
  2. Greek name
    This field gives the Greek name of Greek cultivars in Greek alphabet
  3. A bunch of grape
  4. Young shoot (front)
  5. Young shoot (back)
  6. Mature leaf (front)
  7. Mature leaf (back)